Do You Have the Skin Condition Toasted Skin Syndrome?

toasted skin syndrome

There are many skin conditions that exist out there that we have no idea about. Do you ever look at your body and notice something strange? A zit or a rash that doesn’t look quite right? There’s a multitude of different conditions out there, and that’s what we have dermatologists for. But there’s a syndrome that’s throwing everybody for a loop. It’s called Toasted Skin Syndrome, and it’s when your skin appears to have a rash that comes from a low exposure burn. We did some research to find about this condition. Keep reading for more!

What Is Toasted Skin Syndrome?

Toasted skin syndrome is a heat-related skin rash that is hyperpigmented. According to Byrdie, it is caused by heat exposure to the skin at levels that are too low to cause a burn. Whatever heat applied was not enough to cause a burn to the skin, but enough to cause changes in the superficial blood vessels and the collagen and elastin in the skin. The rash pattern will eventually fade on its own. The symptoms are usually a mild itching or burning. You can also experience some stinging.

toasted skin syndrome Image: Courtesy of Defender Shield

The Causes of Toasted Skin Syndrome

Toasted Skin Syndrome is most common in the winter time, when we use heating items like space heaters or even warm air can cause it. Anything you think of, heating pad, electric blanket, etc. Anything that is an eccessive heat that is on the skin. Even laptops that are placed directly on the skin. You always want to make sure you have some protection between you.

The Ways to Treat Toasted Skin Syndrome

The first thing to do would be to remove the source of heat immediately. After this is done, you can apply a topical steroid cream or even an over the counter retinol. They basically help with the stimulation of collagen production. To help with relief from pain, use Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and aloe vera for a topical treatment. You can also use a whole milk compress.

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