The 17 Best, Thoughtful Gifts for the New Mama in Your Life

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As the year winds down, we start to show the ones who have meant the most to us how much we love them. Who in your life has become a new mum and needs a little bit of tender loving care during the year of the pandemic? For us, it’s the new moms in our lives. They’ve had a hard year, and we want to show them we appreciate them. This year has also blessed us with many new moms! They’ve been pregnant throughout a pandemic and given birth in a time that has made them stronger. We’ve compiled a list of items that will help them feel good, destress, and make them happy. Keep reading for our ultimate mommy gift guide.

The Ultimate Mommy Gift Guide

1) Orro Mini Meals ($37.99 for 12 bottles)

best black friday salesImage: Courtesy of Orro

A plant-based meal, all in a tiny container. For the days when you need a boost but don’t feel like cooking. With over 16 grams of protein, you’re set on breakfast, lunch, or dinner in an instant.

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2) Sakara Life Subscription ($70 per day)

mommy gift guide Image: Courtesy of Sakara Life

When you don’t want to think about cooking. If you’re in a bit of a food slump. Sakara Life is health magnified. We love their program to reboot our bodies, bellies, and mind.

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3) Hatch Restore Noise Machine ($129.95)

best black friday salesImage: Courtesy of Restore

A noise machine drowns out the noise so that you sleep easy. The Hatch Restore offers lovely light, a wind-down meditation feature, and over eight options of noise to choose from. We go with the classic wave sounds to get to bed quickly.

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4) Sweet Reason CBD Sparkling Beverages ($44.99 for 6 bottles)

mommy gift guide Image: Courtesy of Sweet Reason

The perfect beverage to slow down and sip on a quiet evening. 30 mg of CBD for ultimate relaxation.

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5) Pure Enrichment Salt Lamp and Diffuser ($89.99)

gift guide Image: Courtesy of Pure Enrichment

To get your energy in line and breathe in meditative air.

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6) Our Place Always Pan ($145)

best black friday dealsImage: Courtesy of Our Place

The perfect pan for steaming, boiling, frying, and everything in between. Bonus points for it being non-toxic.

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7) Pure Enrichment Eye Mask Sound Machine ($39.99)

gift guide Image: Courtesy of Pure Enrichment

Fall asleep in comfort and Bluetooth in your favorite music or white noise.

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8) Equilibria CBD Daily Drops ($58)

best black friday salesImage: Courtesy of Equilibria

What mama doesn’t need some CBD in her life? We love the way these drops from Equilibria make us feel. Make sure to use the code “biancamaycheah” to get 15% off with your first order.

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9) Alfie Hyaluronic Lip Treatment ($18)

they call her alfieImage: Courtesy of They Call Her Alfie

This lip treatment developed by nutritional formulators and doctors to nourish, protect, hydrate, and volumize lips.

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10) Monday Swimwear Portofino One Piece ($169)

mommy gift guide Image: Courtesy of Monday Swimwear

The suit that hugs your curves and keeps everything snug. We love this one from Monday Swimwear for new mamas.

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11) lululemon Yoga Mat ($68)

best christmas giftsImage: Courtesy of Lululemon

Yoga is the perfect workout to ease back into exercise mode. This mat has over 5 mm of softness to cushion your body in any position.

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12) Baeo Gift Set ($75)

mommy gift guide Image: Courtesy of Baeo

Everything for baby, all in a cute bag. All-natural ingredients in your child’s shampoo, body wash, and more!

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