The Best Palo Santo Products That We Love To Use

best palo santo productsImage: Karly Jones via Unsplash

When we’re trying to promote a sense of calm or restore good energy in a space, there’s one sacred wood we turn to. Palo santo or Bursera graveolens is a tree that’s native to Peru, Ecuador, and other South American countries, according to Healthline. It grows in dry tropical forests and produces a resin that is very fragrant. In the Spanish language, it also means “holy wood.” For many years, wood, resin, and oil have also been used for medicinal purposes and to ward off insects. We’re absolutely addicted to the smell of this incredible natural wood and love using it in many different forms. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite and the best palo santo products for you. Keep reading for more!

The Best Palo Santo Products

1) Primally Pure Palo Santo Aromatherapy Mist ($36)

best palo santo products Image: Courtesy of Primally Pure

Is the smell of palo santo your absolute favorite but you don’t want to burn a stick? Check out this wild-harvested Ecuadorian palo santo hydrosol. It’s an exotic essential oil blend of sacred woods and has amazing purifying properties. The uplifting aroma will give you a sense of calm. Shop here.

2) Primally Pure Aromatherapy Oil ($42)

best palo santo products Image: Courtesy of Primally Pure

This wood has been used for thousands of years to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, headaches, inflammation, and irritation. Use this essential oil to also promote a sense of calm in a holistic way. Shop here.

3) Primally Pure Sticks ($10)

best palo santo products Image: Courtesy of Primally Pure

The real deal! These sticks are thoughtfully sourced from fallen trees in South America. Shop here.

4) Awaken Meditation Awakened Candle ($9.99)

best palo santo Image: Courtesy of Awaken Meditation

This candle is organic soy wax and it’s an infusion of therapeutic-grade essential oils like palo santo, chamomile, lavender, and orange. Shop here.

5) Le Labo Santal 33 Eau du Parfum ($83)

best-smelling essential oil products Image: Courtesy of Le Labo

This cult-favorite has been popular in the beauty world for many years. Smell like santal in everyday life and also wherever you go. Shop here.

6) Pura Palo Santo Essential Oil ($10)

best essential oils Image: Courtesy of Pura

Another favorite is from the brand Pura. This Brooklyn-based candle studio-made oil also fulfills all of our musk-scented dreams! Shop here.

7) Aera Essential Oil Diffuser ($55)

best-smelling products Image: Courtesy of Aera

This oil diffuser has up to 800 hours of play. So, your home or sacred space can smell like scared wood for a long, long time. Shop here.

8) West Elm Apotheke Diffuser ($45)

best products Image: Courtesy of Apotheke

The Brooklyn brand Apotheke makes incredible products that we love! One of our favorites and best-seller is this oil diffuser. It’s super beautiful looking to boot! Shop here.

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