These Are the 5 Surprising Secrets to a Happy Home

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A happy home is one of the most important things we can have in our lifetimes. It’s a place that we can go to at the end of the day to relax, be comforted, and feel safe. Our homes have kind of crossed a new boundary this year though. They’re now spaces we occupy, pretty much at all times for the most part. Even if we’re not working at home, we’re sleeping, eating, and hanging out in our houses or apartments. This past year has made us all rethink the way we imagine our homes: from building offices to sprucing up our backyards. But what truly makes the happy home? Is it fancy appliances? Gourmet meal kits? We did some research to find out what the most surprising secrets are for a happy home. Keep reading for more!

happy home Image: Inside Weather via Unsplash

The 5 Surprising Secrets to a Happy Home

1) Security

When you get home, you want to be in a secure, safe place. It is your solace and your escape from the daily hassles of life. Although parts of our lives have now become different and all mixed together, it’s important to sort of try and separate these. Make sure you feel safe in your home so that you’re about to fully wind down at the end of a long day.

happy home Image: Inside Weather via Unsplash

2) Relaxation

Make sure that you are as relaxed as possible for a happy home. Again, you need to feel like your home is an oasis you can escape to, not a place you want to constantly avoid. You should be able to feel at peace. We recommend getting some amazing candles, maybe an oil diffuser, and the comfiest of blankets to nap with. A big, fluffy couch wouldn’t hurt either!

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3) Styled like You

Something else to remember when you’re styling your home: make sure it reflects you! Don’t just follow a trend and hop on the bandwagon. If you like something that may be a less popular item now, it’s okay! Just because different furniture decor trends come and go, doesn’t mean you should adhere to them. Also, add your own touches, like photos of you, family, and friends! You have to personalize your space.

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